A Guided English Language Immersion Community
A Guided English Language Immersion Community
July 11, 2022

About My Traveling Alone in Japan

I never travel alone before 2017, sometimes I relied to my family, my friends or relatives to arrange travel itinerary to somewhere. This is a good chance to let myself indulge myself fully. Solo travel may become dangerous or perils if I traveling by myself in a country which has security concern. Therefore I think traveling in Japan would be a good starting point or heady stuff.

Before departure, anything need to be well prepared, to arrange an detailed itinerary, to reserve a hotel which is safe and cheaper, or to online book the transportation tickets. All of this arrangement was prepared by myself, if any mistake happened, you cannot blame others, you need to solve it by yourself, and all the triumph is mine. I had not to worry my companion if could trekking all the way across for long distance to a designated location.

I reserved a single room in a hotel located in the heart of entertainment district, value for business and sightseeing with plenty of shops and restaurants in the surrounding area. It is an ultimate self-indulgence experience to try the beef tongue with a beautiful texture and the excellent of wine which let me have a feeling of luxury.

On the third day in my vacation, I waked up very early to get the first bus to Kyoto traditional handcrafted market in Tadasu Forest. This forest is a part of world heritage.Some vendors sold their food in truck, some in tents. I bought some amazing and unique handmade crafts from the market which is something that I cannot get from the high-end products. There are also a wide variety of food or beverage drinks sold as well. I enjoyed to try some coffee, beverage drinks or cake.

I have learned a little bit Japanese language for a year, I still can understand a little Japanese words or understand their language. So I had befriend some shopkeeper or waiter in my journey. That was an amazing journey in my life, I wish I could do that again after the pandemic ended.

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