A Guided English Language Immersion Community
A Guided English Language Immersion Community
Thomas Fortunato
November 19, 2021

Afghan Friends Behind Enemy Lines

As an English language Instructor who has taught around the world, one place that moved me the most was my experience in Afghanistan from 2011-2014. The stark contrast between the people who supported the Taliban and those who fought against it is extreme. I worked alongside local Afghan nationals in Kabul as well as at Shindand Air Base near the Iranian border. No matter where I worked; the love, devotion, and courage displayed by these men and women were inspirational. From military to civilians, I was welcomed, encouraged, and taught about the unique history of this land.

Given what the people have endured throughout the war and now today with the hasty withdrawal before getting our allies out, we are left with the stark reality that our allies are stuck under a hostile government that is looking to get revenge. They cannot work for fear of being sold out to the Taliban. My colleagues are living in different parts of the capital city Kabul, with extended family members under threat and moving from house to house to avoid capture. Stories of families selling their children to survive are becoming more prevalent. Family members have been kidnapped. They are cooped up inside their homes unable to work and their funds are dwindling.

Reluctantly, they asked me to help him out as we try to get him out of the country. My friends shall remain nameless and I cannot show their faces for obvious reasons. We appreciate any donations you can give for this cause. I have been using my own resources but am running short myself. I can't just ignore their plight and so I hope you will be generous. All donations will be sent to these families to care for their basic needs.

Send Donations to here: Help Afghans

Thank you for your support

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