A Guided English Language Immersion Community
A Guided English Language Immersion Community
July 18, 2022

Can Teachers be Replaced by Computers?

As the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, all schools and tuitions are closed. The online-teaching has been encouraged and to be extended to a larger scale. Technology has become increasingly important to be educated through online education. For many students, computers are about games, fictional challenges, and instant gratification. Students are more confused about being educated through computers or being enjoyable in pursuit of recreational fulfillment. It is possible to substitute teachers with computers? There are many pros and cons to education through online learning.

The teaching profession is shrinking as lower birth rate in the world. Teachers are a scarce commodity, indeed, a diminishing human resource. In addition to students are easy to access the topics to answer through internet. They can timely acquire information and learning skills through some better online educational channels such as e-books, educational videos, online chat rooms to study different subjects and gain knowledge from their peers. If the source of education enables to inspire students to obtain knowledge, it will improve social skills, writing skills, and achieve personal traits.

However, web technology is inanimate, quite impersonal. Computers cannot teach students about their behavior, traits, habits, and attitudes. Students are easily leading to distraction and hindrance of mind. They do not take rest on time, and consistently being on the phone or social media instead of looking out for books, journals, or notes. This has negative impacts on their eyes, be exposed to bad posture, and suffered physical and mental stress for less sleep.

For me, either of traditional or online lectures help us in learning new things, it may accompany along with your attitude and habits that you nurturing. You can use online but not too addicted too much. Always active learning will help to grow a lot.

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