A Guided English Language Immersion Community
A Guided English Language Immersion Community
July 11, 2022

Describe About Mascot In Class

I have a Shiba dog(generally its breed is a hunting dog from Japan), her name is Ling Ling. Sometimes you could see him appaered in our class if you are lucky enough. So, don't miss the class if you love a dog.

She is adorable, endearing, friendly towards people, anyone who is willing to play with her, readily to gives up control their toys to me and barking at the appropriate time, but not excessively.

She is a actually quite hygienic and weird dog. She does not like to urinate at home, so she must go outside to have a pee. However when I want to take her to walk, she is not showing her happiness until putting her breast strap on her. Before walking, she likes to hide under the couch or bed to play some games with you. After she had the breast strap on her, she will happily to go walking with you.

When she was very young, around 4 months old, she was very active and always jump to my bed, with sudden real leg lameness. Veterinarian diagnosed it demonstrated the rupture cruciate ligament. I took her to veterinarian in Taipei, to find a very famous veterinarian who is professional of this kind of surgery, to stabilize the femur in the tibia. Fortunately she turned well after few weeks of this complex and crucial surgery.

When she was under the age of 5 years, I took her to perform tubal ligation, which make an incision in the abdomen, find the fallopian tubes and cut each side. This surgical ligation was very success as it was executed by my best friend, who also originally born in Malaysia and studied the same high school as me, she is a compassionate, caring and mindful person. I feel secured after my dog took a several days rest and she became usual to take her meal at the right time. Before ligation, she was very picky eater and sometimes refused to eat her meal. She was a slim and itchy dog, her weight around 8kg. After few months of it, she became heavier and have more appetite to consume more food unstoppably. She has chubby body but her weight has been increased to 12kg. After surgery, she has more oil in her body, so the dry skin has been moisturized and less sensitivity to the dry skin.

Now she is 8 years old and still looks healthy, but her legs sometimes still has a little lameness as she barely to endure her weight on her legs. I wish she could be live happily and healthier , so I often offer her some expensive health products to reduce painful on her legs. Otherwise I hug her to walk up and walk down the stairs every day to reduce the impact on her legs. She also loves to sleep beside me.

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