A Guided English Language Immersion Community
A Guided English Language Immersion Community
July 11, 2022

Describe About the 2nd Mascot in Class

My landlord has a husky dog, his name is “Ah Mu” which means "wood", weight around 20kg. Our English teacher Thomas always like to changing his name to "Ding Dong" as my dog name is "Ling Ling". It would be easier to be remembered. I always walk him when I am joining the English class, thankfully that our participants did not feel irrirated when my internet connection was crash in some deserted places.

Naturally as a working dog but not a guard dog. From his wolf-like appearance, looks intimidating and big but extremely friendly, especially well-behaved children. It is very clean and odorless, does not require frequent bathing, it smells milky or emits a pleasant aroma after bathing. It does not require more grooming even it has double coated, but still need regularly thoroughly brushing his hair.

It is intelligent and always ask me to walk him at least 3 times per day , regardless sunshine or raining, it has developed of an awesome habit of begging me to go outside all the time. Anybody yells "GO OUT"(in Chinese pronounciation), it paces around and harasses me, primarily target on me, until I take his breast strap on this front legs, it will naturally reflected to be happy and excited to go out. I usually done by around 30 minutes in after I wake up and after I back home from working. Before I go to sleep, being generous, I will run with him, maybe an hour tops. From the dog's perspective, I walk too far slowly but I never loose on leash. Fortunately it is not too strong enough to pull me behind, I still can control its movement.

It is a fussy eater, it does not like to eat too much, it think human food is more palatable, and wait human to feed the food which remained from our meal. If not, it wait the last moment until all of us (including the companion dog, Ling Ling) has finished our meal and it sometimes feel regret not to get some food earlier. It maybe it really does like a particular texture or flavor of food, for instance the sweeties. It simply not to eat on the schedule we have chosen for it. It makes me so frustrated how to feed it and let him has the enough nutrition.

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