A Guided English Language Immersion Community
A Guided English Language Immersion Community


NEO+ Interactive software + Coaching

NexGen's NEO+ Study App is a powerful mobile application, employing the latest AI technology. Learners master English rapidly while being engrossed in language activities. NexGen then added a powerful artificial intelligence (AI) system that behaves in the same way that a human expert would. Coupled with in-App coaching, NEO+ will help you improve fluency by one level according to the CEFR in as little as 3 months.



Individual or Group Instruction

Are you preparing for a test? Do you need extra help with writing, reading, or speaking? HELP has tutors available to help you reach your goals. Our lead instructor, Thomas, has 20+ years of experience teaching adults and children, is well-trained and has numerous certifications in English, grammar, and teacher training.

Conversations on Google Meet

Utilizing subject matter that is consistent with topics and grammatical structures used on the NEO+ software program, learners are engaged in expansion activities that give the learner more experience in the target language with the added bonus of speaking with learners from around the world who speak with varied accents. Included in these conversations are small breakout rooms, special themes such as karaoke, idioms, phrasal verbs and others as suggested. Learners can ask questions, utilize the white board function and get a wealth of practice that will help them advance in fluency.

Blog articles and videos

On the help blog, instructors, coaches, and learners alike can post articles they have written or videos to comment on and receive guidance and criticism. Studies have shown that language learners that are consistently engaged in a variety of activities will attain fluency in a foreign language faster than others
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