A Guided English Language Immersion Community
A Guided English Language Immersion Community
Maria Jose Jardim Godoi
July 18, 2022

We Love War

Does anybody remember the good old days when people protested the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as an exchange of blood for oil? "No blood for Oil" they chanted over and over. But we republicans went along as our patriotic duty to get the terrorists who perpetrated 9/11. Despite the fact the perpetrators were from numerous countries we settled on Afghanistan and then Iraq for some reason. Either way, those wars pumped billions of dollars into our weapons makers' pockets and then more money was pumped into other companies' pockets to conduct rebuilding efforts and " to win hearts and minds".

After 8 years of Obama and Biden, in came the "Russian asset" himself, Donald J. Trump. And what was he proposing that was so controversial? Having never run for a political office before, he offered a change that had the establishment in both parties reeling. Republicans did their best to put assets in Trump's cabinet to keep an eye on him and they sought to undermine this president at every turn and feed information to their friends in the democratic party along with their media cohorts to concoct the idea that Trump was illegitimate due to alleged Russian ties. But why would the 2 opposing parties collude to do this? I believe it was because Trump was an outsider who was on to them and their schemes. His strategy to refer to the establishment and fake news working together to create controversy, misdirect and enrich themselves, was a strategy that resonated with the American public.

For all too long we knew about the extreme media bias favoring mostly the democratic party and as such we could point to numerous false stories that either didn't cover the whole story or outright lied. But no matter which party has the reigns of power, the government is filled with people who have been in government for many years pulling the strings and joining the campaigns of the newest faces on the political scene. They are not really partisans either, they are satisfied with the status quo and can control any politician as long as they are part of the 2 party system.

As soon as Trump won the election, the establishment went about getting their work done, infiltrating his cabinet and making sure he didn't touch their most sacred policy: war. As he talked of pulling out of Afghanistan and ending things for good in Iraq and Afghanistan, he made a statement that got the attention of both parties: No new wars! This enraged the establishment to the point that military leadership got involved too. These leaders knew that their futures depended on the revenue gleaned from war. They were about to retire and looking forward to high-end positions with the many weapons and aircraft makers in the country. These companies rely heavily on government contracts.

But they needed something to help this along and got it in the form of Covid-19, the virus created in a lab in China that was either accidentally or intentionally leaked into the public. With the pandemic, the establishment could control the economy, undermine Trump, and ruin his reelection chances, and just in case the people revolt and try to reelect him, they can use absentee balloting in the name of public safety to fix the election.

And what is going on today? Russia invades Ukraine and the US is of course funding the Ukrainians with weapons and this conveniently deflects attention away from the destruction within the country when it comes to the economy and inflation. Biden opens the pipeline from Russia to Europe while simultaneously shutting off oil supplies in the USA and from Canada, while shipping off supplies from our strategic reserve to China, our good friend. Then we blame Russia for all of this and by association Trump who is alleged to have supported a coup d'etat on January 6th despite evidence to the contrary.

The establishment wins and the world devolves into chaos as new threats are created pointing to the USA to solve them. And how do we solve them? We go to war or finance other countries' wars. War is big business. We love war.

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